At Attitude Dance Center, our mission is to cultivate an atmosphere where students feel supported, valued, and encouraged to explore their artistic expression. We are dedicated to empowering our students, enabling them to express themselves through the art of movement while fostering a culture of encouragement, creativity, and personal growth. Our experienced and passionate instructors are dedicated to honing technical skills, encouraging perseverance, and instilling self-confidence in our dancers regardless of their age or background. Attitude Dance Center aims to cultivate lifelong dancers who carry a profound love and appreciation for dance, always embracing the joy of movement throughout their lives and dancing with ATTITUDE!


Attitude Dance Center will strive to become a vibrant community that celebrates the joy and self-discovery found in dance. We aim to be an integral part of the New Bern community, where individuals of all ages and skill levels come together to experience the joy of dance. We envision a place where every dancer, from beginner to advanced, finds a welcoming and inclusive environment to explore their passion, build confidence, and grow in their technique. We will remain committed to supporting dancers who passionately pursue dance alongside other activities, recognizing the value of a well-rounded life. With our steadfast dedication to nurturing personal growth, fostering a sense of accomplishment, and cherishing the simple pleasures of dance, we aim to enrich lives and spread the happiness that comes from expression through movement. 





Studio Administrator


Asst. Director, Social Media Manager


Dance Instructor


We are always looking for passionate and talented individuals to join our team! If you love to dance and have experience teaching or choreographing, we would love to hear from you.


How to Apply

To apply for any of our available positions, please email your resume and a cover letter. In your cover letter, please include a brief summary of your dance, teaching, and choreography experience, as well as why you are interested in joining our team.

We look forward to hearing from you!