Attitude Dance Center

Find a home at New Bern's newest dance studio that syncs seamlessly with your schedule.

dance with... attitude!

Children are loving more organized activities than ever, but your busy schedule does not. Welcome to Attitude Dance Center! We created our studio for families too busy for a 10-month dance schedule. ADC offers two 5-month seasons to allow dancers the flexibility to participate in other activities throughout the year. Families can dance all year or choose the best-fitting season for their schedule. Every student will get to take the stage for a recital at the end of each season.

Attitude Dance Center’s experienced staff consistently continue their education to provide our dancers with safe, up-to-date, and holistic instruction. All dancers receive personalized attention in every class to uphold our belief that dance is for everybody, regardless of age or skill level. Alongside dance education, our priority is providing a space that feels like home. ADC takes pride in creating a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone. With options available for individuals aged 1 to 100, dancers will find something they love in an accepting and positive atmosphere.

Founded by a New Bern native, Attitude Dance Center hopes to collaborate with businesses and programs to strengthen connections in the artistic community. ADC is also working toward expanding class offerings, creating scholarship opportunities, and advancing student development.